May 12, 2009

Bibs are not just for babies...

But bib necklaces aren't for the faint of neck strength either!

Recently I've been seeing a whole slew of amazing bib necklaces popping up in magazines and on celebrities. Remember Amy Adams' insane Fred Leighton bib necklace at this year's Oscars? Holy sheet, she probably needed a neck adjustment the next day - but it was gorgeous!

Bib necklaces aren't just for super fancy moments, though. I think they look amazing with a crisp, white button down or a little black dress. Just keep the other accessories to a minimum, otherwise you'll look like an accessorized fool. Like Mr. T.

Mr. T, aside, below are a few pretty bib necklaces I conjured up ranging in price from $13.80 - $125. Wear your bib with pride...just don't spill anything on it!

Bib Necklaces


Samsmom said...

So cute! I love the Vintage Inspired Jet Onyx & Aquamarine Hues Classic Bib the best! At $85, not a bad price!!

Samsmom said...

Oh, one more thing, any suggestions for which bib necklace is a good selection if I want to look like an accessorized fool? Hahaha!