May 15, 2009

SCORE! Let me tell you why I love Nordstroms today...

Well, as I was searching for my own "wedding guest" dress, I found a superb option in Nordstroms online sale link. However, I was super disappointed when I clicked on the link to view the dress. Sold out. All sizes. (Cries)

After doing a quick investigation online, I discovered that the dress I so wanted in the color I was hoping for, was pretty much sold out at all online retailers. And the one ebay-er who had my size and color up for sale was charging full price for it. And then I had a briz-illiant idea. I called my local Nordstroms and just casually asked if they had any in stock. They did not. (Cries again)

BUT...the lovely rep from Savvy searched their database and found the sought after dress in my size, called the store that has it in stock and they will be shipping it to me FOR FREE with the online sale price. SCORE one for Coley.

Now, if it doesn't fit or I don't like it I can just drop by my local Nordstroms and return it. No risk! Hooray!

Just a nice tidbit for all of your Nordies shoppers - if something you like is ever out of stock online, they will do their best to find it for you and ship it to you, gratis!

Here's the sought after mom thinks it looks like pjs...I do not. :)


Samsmom said...

You have to have nice shoulders to pull this one off!!

Joseph said...

Nice post! My girlfriend loves Nordstroms :)

Btw, I just stumbled and
submitted your blog to
. Hope it brings you a lot of new readers!