May 13, 2009

It's wedding season, baby!

For all of you who are organizing your response cards, frantically scanning registries at Crate & Barrel and rifling through your closet trying to recall which dress you wore to which wedding last summer to avoid repeats during this summer's wedding season - relax and put down the hangers. I know, it's a lot to handle. Fret not, though!

Why worry about rewearing last summer's go-to dress and just buy a new one...or three. I bet you have more than one wedding to attend this summer anyway! See - there is your justification.

Over the next few days I'll submit three or four "wedding", not the white dress and veil...but wedding ATTENDEE looks for every occasion, that will still leave you with enough cash to spring for those ridiculously expensive salt and pepper grinders from Williams-Sonoma for the happy couple.

Here's a brief little taste of lovely, affordable wedding looks to keep you occupied!

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Samsmom said...

Can't wait to get the details!!