May 21, 2009

Love21 Review, B-

Alright, so the infamous Forever21 has been gracing shopping malls with their presence for years now. And many female shoppers knows that, on any given weekend, that store is INSANE. You probably couldn't pay me to enter that store on a Saturday at 2 p.m. Too many teenagers seeking their weekend club gear. No thanks.

However, over the years, I found the best way to score some fab, non-makeup smeared items from Forever21 is to order online. Yesss....straight from the warehouse. Untainted. Love it.

Forever21 recently introduced yet another new "line" to their repertoire - Love21. Love21 is branded as the more sophisticated, contemporary line (read "older", not meant for 15 year olds). Judging by their initial offerings they did a mediocre job. I was semi-psyched to see more grown up pieces, but many of them fell short. I will make a note though, the sizing chart is definitely vanity sized, contrary to the regular Forever21 chart. You may even have to size down! Typically I take a small or medium in the Forever21 branded tops or dresses, but with Love21 (judging by the sizing chart) I should take an XS.

I'm sure they'll be adding more items daily, but for now, they get a B- for me. Try harder, Love21. Impress me. Make my credit card stray from Nordstroms and J Crew.

For your viewing are a few Love21 items that merited was tough to find even a few, though!

Ruffle Front Sleeveless Dress: Probably the only item I would consider ordering right now. Comes in black, too. $19.80

Silk Cheetah Halter Top: Alright, so I'm not a huge fan of animal prints, but this top is fairly understated and would work well with minimal jewelry and some simple bootleg jeans. $19.80

Mini polka dot top: Not my favorite, but it has some potential. I would definitely need to see the fabric in person to make an educated decision. $24.80

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Samsmom said...

Certainly affordable items even if you only wear them one season!