May 11, 2009

J Brand Justification... I'm pumped because my new jeans should be arriving in the mail any day now. I contemplated quite a bit choosing my new pair of "summer" jeans...and while those boyfriend jeans look cute on Gisele...I'm pretty sure I can't pull it off. I would probably look like a mistake.

Because I'm freakishly addicted to jeans, my husband, Todd, has instituted this "rule" - "Sell a pair to buy a pair"...and I actually did! I "retired" a few pairs onto Craiglist this weekend. Feeling mighty entrepreneurial, onto to Ebay I went.

I've been craving a new pair of J Brand and have been especially interested in the LoveStory cut. And behold, I found a pair in my size and my best offer was accepted! $60 for a brand spanking new pair of J Brand Lovestory jeans in Bayou wash from a reputable seller, tags from Off Fifth. As soon as they arrive I'll be taking some pics and definitely get them my inseam is a mere 30". Here's hoping they fit!

I've found some amazing deals on Ebay in recent years...and sold quite a bit of merchandise to boot. A couple other great places I've found amazing denim deals is through and you need a referral to join, just shoot me a comment. Happy Monday!

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