September 20, 2009

Real Life Review: Anna Sui for Target

Alright, so I know I'm late to the game to review Anna Sui's Target line that hit stores last weekend, but better lat than never, right?!

First off, most styles are gone online....I should say most of the cute styles are gone online. And it's too bad, because at my local Target the Anna Sui section was decimated to say the least. Second, this line runs small, as in I tried on a dress in a size 1 (I'd likely be a size 3 anyway, size 1 was a stretch) and could only zip it up a few inches. This is especially true across the bust. If you have any boobage, grab the next size or two up. Third, here are a few reviews of the select items that I did see, but did not have my size.

1) Seersucker Dress with Lace

This dress is cute cute cute. And let me say also, Target's pictures are horrible. The materials used in most of Anna Sui's items are of decent quality.

2) Silk Wrap Dress

Another winner here. My only issue with this pretty silk dress is that the material was very light weight, so it would be quite chilly in the fall/winter. Nevertheless, the print is pretty and interesting.

3) Feather Dress

This dress had major potential, but in real life it was a real disappointment. While the fabric is nice, the plastic "feathers" look completely cheap-o and the bottom of the dress looks gigantic. Definitely a pass even if they had my size.

Have you been to Target lately? What do you think of Anna Sui's line?

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