September 11, 2009

WTF Friday...Jessica Szohr

WTF Friday is way too fun to it will continue! This week's WTF Friday is awarded to Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl...

Photo via: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startracks

Alright, Jessica...we get it, you have great abs, congratulations, no need to hop on the Zone Diet. I've seen this belly-shirt baring look before...hmmm...when was that....oh yes, it was 1993. Let's keep that look there for a little bit longer, you look a bit like an exotic dancer whose feet were engulfed by a cheetah.

Girlfriend, you are lovely and fit, but please stop dressing like a tranny.

 Have you started seeing more and more female celebs wearing cutoff (babydoll) shirts? I have...WTF.

That is my WTF Friday, what's yours?


Short White Coat Notes said...

She's so pretty, but that outfit is pretty hideous!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Please keep the WTF friday. Makes us all feel a little better =)

Chasing Davies said...

Love this series. So funny.
This outfit...rawr!

Coley said...

SWCN - I completely agree.

CDP - Will do! Glad you're enjoying!

Chasing - Rawr is right.