September 25, 2009

WTF Friday: AnnaLynne McCord...Again

Oh AnnaLynne...oops you did it again. Although you're not sporting pirate gear this time around, you instead choose the crazed-Barbie look. Now, readers, I like AnnaLynne...I think she's lovely...but her stylist needs to be fired. The Alice and Olivia dress is actually cute, but too short on her, as we don't want a flashing Britney moment circa 2007. The styling screams prom gone wrong...or even one of those "cigar, cigarette" ladies from the 20s.

As for the accessories, I like black and pink. However, I am not diggin' the Little House on the Prairie curls and the menacing choker. WTF AnnaLynne? The dress and the shoes had potential, but with the whole ensemble put together, you look like a hot mess.

Any WTF Fridays to contribute?


Chasing Davies said...

You are exactly right! the dress could be cute if it fit correctly. the shoes are super cute but not with her silly hair and to matchy matchy clutch. Man, you does need a new stylist, b/c she is so cute, it's hard to make her look that silly!

WTF! :)

Chasing Davies said...

Another WTF - This shirt from F21:

What the HECK are they thinking!?

Coley said...

Um...Chasing...that shirt is HEINOUS! WTF is right.