February 24, 2010

Cheap Thrills - The Exhausted Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, my big event went off without a major hitch yesterday and I'm quite pleased that it's over. I am, and probably will be, exhausted for the next few days...bear with me!

Now on to cheap thrills...today's edition of my own cheap thrills is exhaustion. And here we go...

  • Big, fluffy pillows - especially down feather pillows. Come.To.Mama.
  • Correctly identifying the Wheel of Fortune puzzle before the contestants do (ok, not exhaustion related, but it's a great cheap thrill)
  • Grippy socks
  • Sweatpants...yes, sweatpants in general (bonus points if you can rock them all day)
  • Sleeping in...'nuff said
And a quick Polyvore set of cheap thrills...enjoy!


JustinsMami said...

Love this week's edition of cheap thrills. I especially love the grey skirt which would be adorable paired with a pale yellow top and either very subtle grey stilettos or pointy toe flats. I'm definitely getting that item. Great job miss


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I love the Paper Bag Lunch Date Skirt...too cute!

Hang in there and try to get some rest! :)

Coley said...

JM - Thanks, lady!

FFM - Isn't is precious?! And thanks...I will definitely get some r&r. :)