February 18, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Surely Sheerly

Hi all!

I think Cubicle to Cocktails might be my most interesting, yet challenging, post during the week. Why, you ask? Well, finding clothing that is a) work appropriate, b) stylish, c) affordable and d) versatile, can be quite difficult. I try to pick items that many of may have in your closet and try (emphasis here) to use them in new ways. Aka - I really do put thought into these looks!

I think many of you may have some type of sheer tie/bow top somewhere in your closet. I like this one from ASOS because the bow can be tied in many ways. For the work look, I kept it pretty conservative, i.e. banker friendly (I use banker b/c Charlotte has oh-so-many financial institutions), but for the cocktails look, I would prefer the shirt untucked and untied - a la Aerosmith style. That is, minus the crazy scarf around a microphone. By loosening up the shirt (literally), I find the look much more casual and boho chic. Throw on a bright, beaded bib necklace (hello alliteration) and you are hot to trot.

Do you like the versatility of these pieces?

Is the work look too timid for you or just right for your office?

Asos at ShopStyle


JustinsMami said...

Hey Girl!! I am LOVING this week's cubicle to cocktails. Although I have a very difficult time pulling off a blazer, I'd still wear the cubicle look w/o it...and the cocktails ensemble is ADORABLE. I think I'm actually going to wear something similar out this weekend. Great job, great blog as always.


Coley said...

Thanks, JM!!!