February 17, 2010

Cheap Thrills...And a Nod to the Olympics!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have to halfway apologize, my posts aren't really going to be up to snuff for the next week or so. As many of you know, I do work a full-time job and it's really crazy right now! So, thanks for understanding. :)

A few of my favorite cheap thrills...this week my cheap thrills are themed in Winter Olympics!

  • Figure skating...especially pairs! The Chinese pairs KILLED IT. Yes, multiple pairs, the two pairs teams from China took home the gold and silver on Monday night.
  • The Opening Ceremonies, sadly this year was kinda lame-o.
  • The accents. In general, I just love an accent. I giggle inappropriately when I hear the Russians (especially the males), as I immediately think of the villain in Die Hard. Inappropriate - maybe.
  • The ladies skaters' costumes. Who doesn't love a sequin, a rhinestone, sheer netting AND feathers all in one?! Go go gadget Bob Mackie. BTW - did he ever design a skater's costume? He totally
  • Quad jumps...'nuff said.
And here's my little set of cheap thrills. Enjoy!

Cheap Thrills - Every Item $25 or Less

Items in this set:


Miss K said...

I love the Olympics too, but the opening ceremony was super boring! What was the flying boy all about? sheesh.

Coley said...

Hey Miss K! Uggh - I KNOW! So weird...

Amber said...

umm I agree with every point you made =) I am Olympic obsessed!!

Coley said...

Ha - thanks, Amber! Seriously....those Russian skaters...cannot handle it!