July 9, 2010

WTF Friday: Sportin' the Armour

Happy Friday to all!

For today's WTF Friday I wanted to feature just a few offenders that really put me over the edge. #1 - Leighton Meester.

Oh Leighton...

Photo via: Benaroch/Sipa

You're such a lovely girl - there is not a reason on Earth to sport a full on leather armour suit in the middle of the summer. Even if it is Chanel, and even if it is their Shanghai collection.

And don't get me wrong - I lurve me some Chanel. But the timing and the styling of this ensemble is horrendous. Leighton - wait to pull out the long sleeve leather armour until fall, at a minimum. This is one of Leighton's much softer offenders...as there are elements of this dress that I really enjoy.

And then we have the Kaleidoscope Tank at Forever21....

Yes, yes, Forever21 what I really, really wanted for Christmas in July is a macrame vest that resembles a cut out of grammy's blanket. How (not) adorable will this look with skinnies and boots?! Forget a Snuggie - I have a blanket vest! Hoooooooray!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!