July 8, 2011

Let's Talk: Naked Face

Yup, about the only manner I'll go naked in public - on my face. I was inspired to post about a naked, or near naked face, after I received one of the nicest compliments from an acquaintance today. Here's how it went down: (NA = nice acquaintance)

NA: "Hey Nicole, you look different today?"
Coley: "Really, how so?"
NA: "I dunno, you look great, though. Your face - new makeup or something?"
Coley" "Huh, I actually didn't really much on today!" (it's a million effing degrees in Charlotte - no need for face melt)
NA: "Huh, well you should do that more often. More women should do that more often. You all look so much better without makeup."
Coley: "Well, thanks - that's nice of you to say. I'll remember that."

Will I stop wearing makeup? No - hell no. I love the creativity that goes along with makeup. The color. The shine. The art. The fun! Yet, I think NA has a bit of a point. People, especially dudes, seem to really look at women closer without makeup...and I mean that in a good way.

Am I proposing we fresh face it every day to work, to meetings, to weddings, to parties? Not really, but it's fair to give your skin (and yourself) credit that you probably look pretty great without 16 products stacked on your face.

Here's a set of products I love that keep my skin lookin' fresh, clean and a bit brighter with just a smidge of makeup. Let's keep it real.

What are your favorite natural look products?