July 12, 2011

Workout Gear: Yoga, CrossFit, Running

I don't know about you, but new workout gear gets me more psyched to hit the gym better than bathing suit season. I love a new sports bra, fancy new shorts, a cute tank, brand spankin' new shoes, etc.

I do, however, get my hands (and, well, feet, legs, arms, back, abs) into all a myriad of exercise options and classes. CrossFit, yoga, running, walking, weight lifting etc. What better way to show my sweaty love for workin' out than a set for each exercise discipline?

Yoga: I typically go to "warm" yoga. I just don't fare too well in a 100+ degree room. So, in the summer months my yoga uniform is a pair of fitted shorts, comfy top with stretch and a nice, cushy mat. And because I typically keep my yoga mat in my car, I dig a yoga mat bag to keep the surface semi-clean from dog hair and whatnot that flies about.

CrossFit (or cross training): Hubs and I hit up CrossFit - an incredible workout discipline that incorporates weight training, body weight exercises, gymnastics, running, etc. Because these gyms typically forgo air conditioning I all but show up half naked to class during the summer months. Short, fitted shorts, fitted tops as we occasionally have hand stand pushups in our workout of the day (upside down = fitted top) and a really solid sports bra. I also really love New Balance Minimus shoes for short distance running to develop my foot and leg muscles and the Water Bobble - save the environment!

Running: It takes a lot for me to run in the summer. A LOT. I am not a fast runner. I am also not a great distance runner. So, apparently it takes a great pair of running shorts and sports bra to motivate me. Hey - whatever works, right? I also adore a fantastic, usually pricey, pair of running socks. Balega make a fantastic pair in addition to those featured below.

Alright, ladies, spill. What's your favorite workout wear?