July 19, 2011

Product Review: Pangea Organics Toner, B

It's tiiiiiiime for another product review! Some of you may have read my little love letter to Aveda's Botanical Kinetics Toner a few months back. Well, it took me a while (almost 6 months) but I finally got through the spray bottle...just in the nick of time to receive my June Birchbox with a deluxe sample of Pangea Organics Toner for Normal to Combination Skin.

Pangea Organics at ShopStyle

Info from Birchbox & Pangea:

About Pangea toner:
Pangea’s award-winning facial toner gets rid of lingering oil and impurities so that your skin can soak up all that your serums and moisturizers have to offer. The formula has a revitalizing citrus scent that is ideal for morning and nighttime skincare routines or on-the-go dermal pick-me-ups.

How It Works:
Infused with organic herbal extracts, this toner helps balance and hydrate normal skin. Italian green mandarin extract purifies skin and repairs damaged tissue, while sweet lime acts as an antioxidant astringent.

And my review:

The Good: The scent of this particular toner is very spa like and rejuvinating – Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime. I've come to love toners in spray bottles...I think it prevents me from overusing! Also, my skin stays nice and soft after the toner is sprayed on. Nice!

The Bad: At regular retail price, this little baby is 'spensive - $26 for 4 ounces. However, check out this Sephora link...they're offering it at half price!

The Verdict: B from me. I dig this product, the scent and the effects. While I certainly appreciate the organic ingredients, the price prohibits me from awarding it an A!