October 6, 2009

Hey Baby, What's Your Shape?

From every edition of Cosmo to Marie Claire, I swear there is an article about dressing for your shape. I usually skim right through it, not really paying attention to "the rules". But, I randomly ran into myshape.com and it is the neatest little shopping website that a) has each user enter in a whole bundle of measurements (so get out that measuring tape),  b) tells each user their shape, one of seven options, c) custom picks clothing items based upon the given measurements, fit preferences and shape type.

After entering in my measurements, and double checking them, I am an S shape, outlined above. Not a bit shock there, but it was helpful to find out how measurements translate into a real shape, instead of guessing.

And then there are the clothes! Once all your information is entered in, the program recommends specific items and SIZES of all sorts of clothing and brands based on your measurments and fit preferences. Brands range upon your preferences, but I saw everything from ECI to Diane Von Furstenburg.

The website is tons of fun, offers free shipping and returns and I believe you can get a 15% off coupon by signing up.

If you have 30 minutes to burn - take a look!

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Chasing Davies said...

This is an awesome find! I did it yesterday and it's really interesting to see the clothes they suggest for me - it all makes a ton of sense!