October 2, 2009

Off Broadway Shoes: 20% off tomorrow only (10/3/09)!

If you're lucky enough to live near an Off Broadway Shoes, you can email me for a coupon to save 20% off your entire purchase, tomorrow only!

I lurve Off Broadway, and so does my good friend Cathy...just ask her. I  believe she walked out with 4...or was it 5...pairs of shoes last time. Good work, Cath, as you know I fully support your efforts. Her shoe obsession mirrors my jean obsession.

Anywho, Off Broadway has great stuff, very similar to DSW, and in my opinion is even better since they give back 10% of your purchase as a credit for your next purchase. And yeah, I know 10% isn't much, but at least it covers tax!

Let me know if you want the coupon!

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