October 30, 2009

Real Life Style Swap: Target Sherpa Hoodie for J. Crew Sherpa Hoodie

I love my J. Crew Sherpa hoodie, but unless that baby is on sale, I can't stomach paying $69.50 for a sweatshirt. But guess what? Target is selling a VERY similar product, also made with Sherpa fleece!

The Target version is also called the Sherpa Hoodie and is in stores and online for $20. It comes in all sorts of colors...black, white, burgundy, teal, gray, etc. The teal and the gray aren't quite as fetching, in my opinion, because of the contrast stitching, but to each her own!

Below is a photo of me trying on the Target Sherpa Hoodie in Black in a size Small. It's super soft and cuddly and since it's the Merona brand it fits pretty true to size, if a bit large. I would go with a small for myself, as some of my things tend to make it into the dryer even if I don't intend them to!

And because I promised....here are a few shots of my gorrrgeous Ciao Bella Toni boots in Brick leather. I.love.them.so.much.

Have a great weekend!


Samsmom said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing, who doesn't need a warm cute hoodie! I have to go buy one now!

Chasing Davies said...

ooo lala! Good find, indeed. I will have to get that hoodie, as I have been eying the JCrew one.

Love your boots!

Coley said...

Thanks, ladies!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Great find Coley, and I LOVE your new boots! You look FABULOUS!!! :)

Coley said...

Thanks, FFM!

The Owl's Closet said...

great post! i'll have to check this out at target. i agree, i have a hard time paying $69.50 for a hoodie no matter how soft and comfy. those boots are gorgeous!!