October 30, 2009

WTF Friday: J. Crew Gwen Dress

Ok, now, before I reveal my WTF Friday, I preface it by saying, I love J. Crew. I really do. I think they make great pieces.

Now, my WTF Friday is this lovely dress at J. Crew. I don't say WTF because of the design - I think it's so chic, seriously. My issue is that is $2,000. Yes. That's right, 2 grand. J. Crew. Whaaat?

J Crack...is this dress slathered in diamond chips? Or perhaps you're leasing out some online space to Chanel?

I understand that the first lady loves her some J Crizzle, but $2,000?!? It's not a wedding dress. It's a cocktail dress. If you want to make couture, create a design house brand or outsource that talent.

Any WTF comments to contribute?


Kathy said...

It is very pretty, but the price is completely ridiculous! I guess it could be a short wedding reception dress for those buying two dresses?

Samsmom said...

I think you should buy it, it would look terrific on you! Seriously, what's $2,000 if you can look great?

Coley said...

Kathy - I hear ya...it's a lovely dress. Good call on the reception dress...although, wouldn't they offer the dress on their wedding link?

Samsmom - I'll work on that :) Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list!