October 21, 2009

Product Review: Physician's Formula Organic Tinted Moisturizer, D+ and a Better Option...

Product review time! Now, I really don't like to offer up not-so-stellar reviews, but I don't want any of you to waste your precious cash on craptastic products!

I was originally intrigued by Physician's Formula new organic wear line. I mean, what's not to love? I like organic, it's probably good for my face and the environment...and, hell, it was buy one get one 50% off. I'm a sucker for a new product and a deal. So I went for it and purchased the "Light to Natural" shade of their Organic Tinted Moisturizer.

First off, the smell is herby/medicinal. It's supposed to be lavender with other natural overtones, but I did not enjoy. I originally thought that if the product, color, and coverage were decent, I could handle the smell. Well, the moisturizer itself is super runny and the coverage just kind of sits on your face, i.e. I looked shiny and unnatural. Not hot.

So, I have a full tube of a smelly, runny product. The only bright spots are that, A) it's all natural, so I'm sure that's good in the long run and B) it had SPF 15. This one gets a D+ from me!

I will say, though, I'm a little biased as I think Laura Mercier makes the best tinted moisturizer. It makes your skin look nice and dewy and smells just peachy (not literally). The only issue with this option is that it's $42 for 1.7 oz. OUCH.

Looking for an in-between option? Splurge on Laura Mercier's oil-free foundation, which is $42 for 1 oz., BUT you can easily mix small amounts of the foundation with your daily moisturizer. I have done this for over one year now and this MUCH cheaper option looks just as good as the original LM Tinted Moisturizer.

What's your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer?


Diana said...

Found your blog through my friend Meggy D at Chasing Davies, and I totally must agree with you! Laura Mercier makes the BEST tinted moisturizer. For my friend's wedding last year, the makeup artist used Laura Mercier products, and I fell in love, checked out her line at Sephora, and really love the tinted moisturizer, even more than her foundation and think it works great as a foundation substitute! Unfortunately, I am a grad student and don't have a lot of money to spend, so the price does hurt my wallet! I only buy it every once in a while...great great product though!!!

Coley said...

Hi Diana - welcome! I understand your LM pain....her stuff is price-ay!

Chasing Davies said...

Well, get it thru Sephora now during the 20% of sale...maybe that will help a little??

I might have to try this stuff out...once I recover from my most recent Sephora purchase. :)