October 14, 2009

Warm and Cozy And Grey All Over

It's getting colder...so much so that the high in Charlotte will be 52 degrees. This is CHARLOTTE not Chicago, not Cleveland, not Toronto. Ick.

I do like fall, though. I like crispy leaves, hot chocolate, football and sweaters...big cozy sweaters. That's why today's edition features grey, cozy sweaters!

What's your favorite fall item?
Warm and Cozy and Grey All Over


Lake Nokomis said...

Since it snowed here this week I think we skipped fall! My favorite fall item is definately scarves...although the first sweater on your Polyvore set is pretty fab too.

Anonymous said...

Love the new marled wool/cotton long chunky cardigan from Jcrew. Talk about cozy!

Coley said...

Lake - where did fall go?! I love me some scarves, too!

CDP - I saw that cardi this weekend, SO cute!

Chasing Davies said...

oh worm and cozy! I'm wearing a big cowl neck grey sweater dress today! :)