March 10, 2010

Cheap Thrills & Paying Homage to My Pup

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday!

My cheap thrills today are themed around my beagle, Riley. Why? Because while he is a PITA, I love him dearly.

My cheap thrills, Riley style...
  • Pointing - Yup, Riley points at certain things he wants and also points to the direction he wants to walk (while at a stop light). When I say point, see the photo above. He was "pointing" to the treat I had in my hand. That's about the only hunting related thing he does!
  • Snuggling - As soon as I bring out a blanket on the couch he is SO there. He's also my little heater!
  • Singing - You may have read this earlier, but my dog sings to the CSI Las Vegas theme song - in tune, on beat. It's AWESOME. He also sings to the Two and a Half Men theme song, just not as well.
  • Trotting - When Riley knows I have a treat for him, especially if we're on a walk, he trots. Yup, like a horse, "knees" in the air and dancin' around. HI-larious.
So, that's my pup! Total cheap thrills.

And onto some wardrobe related cheap thrills...enjoy!

BTW...Amrita Singh is having some REALLY good deals right now! I featured a few below...


Anonymous said...

Oh he is so cute! My chihuahua Lola thinks Riley is hot! LOL!

JustinsMami said...

Love today's cheap thrills!!! That grey romper is adorable.

BTW, my dog is a huge PITA too so I feel your pain but looking at the cutie little face you can't even get mad.

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing Riley! He is so cute and I love the beagle (and the corgi) even though we have terriers.

The Obsessionista said...

Love that romper! So cute.. yayay! summer is on its way!! Cute pup, btw!

Coley said...

Rosa - Thanks, girl! Your Chihuahua is PRECIOUS!

JM - Isn't is key-yute?! Yes, I love the PITA.

Kathy - Thanks for visiting! I love terriers too - I great up with Boston Terriers :)

Obsessionista - Hi girlie! Summer can't get here soon enough!

tam pham said...

you can't beat F21 when it comes to cheap thrills!