March 19, 2010

WTF Friday: Stewart Surprise & Mena Mystified

Happy Friday to all! I hope everyone is looking forward to a beautiful weekend - I sure am.

Up for WTF'dom are two lovely ladies...first up is Kristen Stewart.

Kristen is a pretty young lady....but she typically dresses like she doesn't give an F. I say WTF to this ensemble because...

Photo credit: Photo Agency

WOW. She.Looks.Gorgeous. Love that Pucci dress. I say it's about damn time! WTF Kristen, what were you waiting for? Don't hold back, need to work it out like this all zee time. Don't go back to the dark side - this suits you just fine.

And then there's Mena know, the girl from American Beauty and American Pie? Super cute...but not when she's sporting this look...

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Ummmm...Mena, whatcha got in that hair? Amy Winehouse is not to be copied, girlfiend, you are so much cuter. And that dress, I mean, it could be worse but come on! WTF - did the ruffle wrestle the dress down and firmly seat itself in your 'do? No no, Mena. This look is heinous, even on adorable Mena.

Any WTFs to report?


Justine said...

hahah, yes yes! Kristen Stewart always looks like she is about to get caught for doing something she shouldn't have... she has that "dodgy" way about her. She creeps me out, really. And Mena's hair? WTF is right.

Amber said...

omg mena! What happened! Kristen has really been stepping it up lately, she must have hired a good stylist finally.

The Obsessionista said...

kristin stewart makes me want to cut myself or huff. WTF is wrong with this girl? I gotta be honest, even in this gorg Pucci she still looks blah... Mena's hair and frock are an absolute mess- but on a positive note - her pumps are SICK!!

Miss K said...

When I first saw KStew, i was like "aw i liked that dress" but then I read your post! I totally agree, yes she could have done it better, but i'll take what i can get. oh and mena always dresses funky.

Coley said...

Justine - I think KStew's look here is a vast improvement.

Amber - I KNOW! Mena whaaa?

Obsessionista - I think it's Kristen's weird posing that makes her overall look awkward. That dress is gorg.

Miss K - We'll take baby steps with KStew.