March 30, 2010

Love Her Style, and Hers, and Hers, and Hers!

Happy Tuesday to all! Today's quick little post pays homage to some of my favorite style icons all across the fashion spectrum.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel is just precious. She looks so fresh and cute in her casual day wear and she completely turns it out for evening. I appreciate that she embraces new designers and is never afraid to mix high & low and vintage & new.

Kate Beckinsale

She always looks stunning, whether she's taking her daughter out for ice cream or rockin' the red carpet. I love her choice of accessories and her ladylike chic-ness.

Victoria Beckham

This teeny little thing packs a lot of punch in her outfits, designer line and her overall demeanor. If you watched American Idol auditions you would also know that she is hilarious and is really sweet and open to others' personal style. Plus, she's married to gorgeous David and she can rock 6" heels better than anyone.

Gwen Stefani

Ms. Stefani truly has her own unique style. From the days of bindis and braids in No Doubt to rockin' Vivenne Westwood, Gwen is such an innovator and a chameleon. I love that she pushes the envelope and enjoys her own cool style.

AND, one of the best parts of blogging is to experience and take in others' style! There are so many talented, whimsical, adorable fashion bloggers out there. One of my favorite parts of my day is reading new posts :)

That being said....

The fabulous Obsessionista awarded me the Love Her Style Award! Thanks lovely!

There are so many style related blogs that I adore...but I want to give this sweet little award to the following...

These ladies are fab-u-lous. Read their blogs - they never disappoint!


Amber's Notebook said...

Awe you are so sweet Coley!! I love chatting on twitter with you =) You are too sweet and um I agree, agree, agree and agree!! Maybe that is why we are blog buddies -)

Miss K said...

I love your style inspirations! Kate, Victoria, and Gwen are so chic!

Coley said...

Amber - I love our Twitter chitchat! :)

Miss K - Thanks for stopping by, lovely!

Justine said...

Thanks friend! p.s. I wish I were Gwen Stefani (and oh yeah owned every pair of shoes she designs...)

Anonymous said...

I love your choices for style inspirations! I truly enjoy Rachel Bilson's style and I love her InStyle column.

Chasing Davies said...

Coley - thanks! You are so sweet! :)

I agree on your style choice - esp. Rachel - she is classic!