March 16, 2010

Randomness: New Buys, Promo Codes, I'm a Winner & a Sugar Doll...

 Hi all! Happy Tuesday!

Today's post is more of a housekeeping post to catch up on some lingering we go.

1) My Dolce Vita Pela sandals came in the mail yesterday...I was so excited for them but I'm sad to say they are going back :(

They were just ridiculously HUGE around my ankles, and considering the back zip is the only item securing these gorgeous shoes to my feet, it just didn't work. Maybe I have emaciated ankles?

On a different note, I ordered them from a cute retailer, Madison Los Angeles, and have tons of amazing items in their online store. Also, the promo code STYLEWATCH gets you 20% off! Not sure how long it's valid, though.

2) I wanted to send a great big thank you to Kim over at Anthroholic for these amazing Kensie sunglasses that I won from her blog giveaway last week. They might be a wee bit big on my face but I do not care - I luf them. Not a great photo of me...but oh well!

3) Thanks to Miss K from Love, Lipstick & Pearls who gave me the very sweet Sugar Doll award! Thanks sweetness. Now, I have to tell ya'll 10 facts about myself. Hoping not to repeat myself, here it goes...

  1. I cannot stand when people chew loudly or with their mouths open. I really have to go sit somewhere else. I think when we were kids my brother used to do this on purpose to irritate me. It worked. Well.

  2. My husband does 90% of the cooking in our household. It's not that I can't cook, I just choose not to. :) Plus, he's so damn good at it.

  3. I'm really good at laundry...and I'm an excellent folder. Just ask my mom....she has been impressed with my folding skills since I was 12 or so.

  4. I've only lived in Charlotte, NC for 2.5 years...I'm originally from the Windy City. I heart Chicago.

  5. I can't handle caffeine. I gave it up a few years back and even if I have half a Coke, I start shaking. I get really pissed when I find out that said restaurant gave me regular instead of decaf when I'm trembling and nauseous at 4 am.

  6. I am extremely loyal to my friends and family. You don't F with my friends or family. I'm scrappy - and I can take you down.

  7. I own more lipsticks and lipglosses than a woman should ever possess throughout her entire life. What can I say, I like to have options.

  8. While I clearly like to shop, I get very irritated when I find out I paid significantly more for something.

  9. In addition to my full-time job in fundraising/marketing, I am working at an incredible boutique a few weekend days per month.

  10. Someday I would love to open up my own boutique. Someday...
So, that's it! And I tag the follow lovely ladies with the Sugar Doll Award if they so choose to participate...check out their fabulous blogs!

Have a great day everyone!


JustinsMami said...

Your too funny. I, too, am scrappy and will take a B down for friends and family, hahaha. love it.

THANK YOU!!! I will go post my sheeet now

Btw - those sandals are adorable and that store is really cute, thanks for the link.

Miss K said...

loved your facts & your new sunnies!

Kim said...

Yay! You got the glasses - they aren't too big - they're perfect on you!!

The Obsessionista said...

Thanks for the tag ColeyCole!! First things first- I'm sad about those shoes as I literally GASPED when I saw them- they are GORGEOUS!!! is there no way they could work? how about stuffing them with tissue? lolol- I love them!! Next- the Madison sunnies- tres chic! You look fahhbulous!!

1. Lol @ the hubs cooking- mine does too- I like to make him think that he is the bomb chef, when really, I hate getting my hands dirty
2. Lol @ scrappy- that would be a great youtube vid, don't you think?

Coley said...

JM - Looking forward to it!

Miss K - Thanks dearest!

Kim - Thanks so much! I love them!

Obsessionista - I reeeeaaallly wanted those sandals to work. It was a sad moment when I realized how huge they were around my ankles. Woof.

And scrappy - absolutely. That would be an interesting vid.

Justine said...

Thanks darling! That so sad about the DV shoes because I heart that brand hard. I'm sure you'll find something better tho. And the glasses are great! and oh yeah, thanks for the award! teehee.

Coley said...

Justine - You're very welcome! I love Dolce Vita mucho, too. I really tried to make it work, but just couldn't.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Thanks Coley! :)

I'm sorry the sandals didn't work out because they are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you're able to find a similar pair that do work out.

I loved reading your facts and the glasses look fab on you! :)

Have a wonderful evening!

Amber said...

you look fab coley!! Too bad about the shoes!

Coley said...

FFM - Thanks for visiting! I'm going to keep lookin' for that perfect pair of sandals!

Amber - Thanks lady!