March 8, 2010

Oscar Style Roundup - A Few of My Favorites

Hi all! I thought I'd delay Monday's Product Review and instead focus on last night's Oscar Fashions!

Here are a few of my faves!

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de La Renta. Um hello gorgeous. Cam looks like she un-aged (that's not even a word?!) about 10 years. I don't remember the last time her hair was worn down. LOVE IT. Good work Rachel Zoe.

And then there is Demi Mooe in Atelier Versace. The pleating, gathering and ruffles on this dress are just beautiful. Seriously, Demi looks 25. Again, great styling, Rachel Zoe.

Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace. YAY for color! This blue is stunning on her. The neutrals and flesh tones are lovely, but thank God for a bit or gorgeous color. And the details are amazing.

Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture. I love the detailing on this dress. It's a bit unconventional - but that's how Diane shuts it down. With her long and lean figure, this halter is just lovely on her. And who doesn't love some Chanel?!

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa. Ok, this dress doesn't look quite as amazing in the photo as it did on screen, but she looked fantastic (and I loved her speech). Her makeup, shiny locks and detailing on the dress were incredible. Don't you just want to be Sandra's friend?!

Those are just a few of my favorite dresses - which looks did you love?!


Miss K said...

Great picks! It was so hard to choose just a few best dressed, everyone looked great this year.

The Obsessionista said...

Demi rocked it! For me, she gets best dressed for sure! ummmm. I'm guessing WTF Friday will have an ode to the purple headed people eater- i.e. Zoe Saldana? I really love her, btw, but this was just NO.

Coley said...

Miss K - Thanks for visiting, girlie!

Obsessionista - Demi for sure rocked it out. And Zoe was a hot mess. I was utterly confused. It's a shame b/c she is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love all your picks. My favorite was the dress that Rachel McAdams wore, it was so different and the print was amazing.

Lisa said...

Cameron Diaz is probably going to look just the same sort of fabulous when she is 50 as she does now.

I also really liked the dress that Kristen Stewart wore - so glamourous and not her usual jeans and a tee look.

Coley said...

Rosa - Yes, Rachel McAdams looked stunning! I loved that dress, too!

Lisa - Thanks for visiting! K Stew looked great, finally!

Kristin said...

LOVED loved loved Demi and Diane. They inspired my post yesterday. Too fabulous!

Coley said...

Kristin - Thanks for visiting! Cute blog :)

Amber said...

TOTALLY AGREE with your choices!