November 2, 2009

Dear Husband: Stop Shop-Blockin' Me!

Oh good fun this Todd and I were frolicking through Target, yes, frolicking, I decided to take a look at the new dresses and sweaters that made their way into the store. After he patiently waited a few minutes, we and our cart shimmied, well maybe I just shimmied, onward towards the shoe section where he did the unthinkable....he SHOP BLOCKED me with the cart.

Yes, I'm copyrighting it, "shop blocked" similar to the inappropriate phrase that describes a dude who gets in the way of another dude who's trying to score with a girl...

But in my case...Todd got between me and Target merchandise. Baaad move. You just don't shop block Coley. Write that down.

Nonetheless, we had a good laugh and I ended up with the gray Target Sherpa hoodie among 95 other things that we, of course, needed in Target. After a second look in the store, I actually enjoy the contrasting "sherpa" and stiching on the gray hoodie. It looks vintage-y.

Like McDonald's says...I'm lovin' it. Just don't shop block me.

Happy Monday!


Sara said...

fun story...i don't even shop with my husband for fear of being "shop blocked" (thanks for the term, by the way, i'll make sure to give you credit whenever i use it.)

Lorene said... looks like Todd's "shop-block" was no more effective than his beloved Pack's pass block was on the phrase!
Big Daddy J

Todd said...

My dear wife...a swear there was something wrong with the kept stalling from time to time. Had nothing to do with me...promise! :)