November 30, 2009

Exhaustion, Confusion and A Really Cute Pair of Jeans

Hello all!

So, pardon my lack of posting, but among Thanksgiving, Black Friday, traveling at wee hours of the morning and Cyber Monday...I'm a-thinkin' that tomorrow should now be named "Take a Nap Tuesday". But I digress...

I will be posting some fun items and photos later this week, but I had to share a little story. And it starts in Marshall's in a suburb of Chicago...

Momma and I did a bit of last ditch shopping on Sunday afternoon and we decided to pop into her local Marshall's. We walked around a bit, shopped around the shoes (which BTW - this Marshall's carried Prada, DVF and Stuart, mine in Charlotte does not) and then I took a quick peak at the jeans - big surprise there. I found a great pair of Joe's Provocateur Jeans - and ladies, if you're on the vertically challenged, petite side -  these are amazing. I had tried them on previously, but I've never pulled the trigger. I know - you're suprised.

Anywho, these jeans fit great (BTW I did size down...just an FYI) but they were missing the button. You know...the button that pretty much pulls the jeans together...without said button you'd be pulling a Britney. Not cool.

So, my sewing skills aren't grand - but I can sew on a button. Granted - it's Marshall's and I shouldn't have to sew on this missing button...therefore Momma and I come to the grandiose conclusion (in our minds) that customer service will likely knock off $10-$20 for the lack of fastener on these cute jeans...they were on sale for $79.

We take the lovely little pair up to the customer service register and the nice young lady brings them to her manager for the discount. And she comes back and this is how the conversation ensues:

Young lady: Ok, ma' manager said we can give you one dollar off.
Coley: (thoroughly confused) Wait...I'm sorry, did you say one dollar?
Young lady: Yeah, we can sell them to you for $78.
Coley: You're discounting them one dollar.
Young lady: Yeah - do you want them?
Coley: Um, no...thanks...
Momma (as we walk out): dollar?!
Coley: I feel like I just got Punk'd at Marshall's.

And there you go. How much would you take off for the jeans button? I think my mom is still laughing...

Any funny stories to share from your retail escapades this weekend?


Natalie said...

ha- that marshalls story is great- they should have knocked off at least $10- they can't just sew the button on jeans- its a weird stamp through type thing I think, so you'd prob have to have taken them to the tailor.

ps- Hi! just stumbled onto your blog :)

Coley said...

Hey Natalie! Thanks for visiting!