November 13, 2009

WTF Friday: Bad Makeup & She's Just Being Miley

Happy Friday all!

WTF Friday...first up is Ms. LeAnn Rimes. The dress she was sportin' at the CMAs was pretty....her makeup, not so much. Quite literally, my husband asked me - "Hey babe, WTF is wrong with her face?" Bad sign, LeAnn. Ease up on the shadow! I like a good, smokey eye, but this looked like a black eye. Not hot.

And then there's Miley. WTF. Ok, I understand that patterned tights are in. But, Miley, girlfriend, your outfit looks like a cross between Kurt Cobain circa 1993 and Madonna circa 1983, not a good look for you, or anyone for that matter. I know she's just being Miley, partying in the USA, but she needs to ease up and dress her age.

Any WTFs to share?

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