November 4, 2009

Wednesday Fun: Cheap Thrills

I love cheap thrills. Free suckers (lollipops), a new lipstick, Welch's grape soda and really, really bad movies (Step Up 2).

As many of you know, I also like affordable fashion. There's nothing better than updating your wardrobe with an affordable piece. That's why I'm going to offer up a new Wednesday series - Cheap Thrills.

In the Polyvore set below every item is less than $25! Chasing Davies featured those adorable suede mary janes during her recent trip to Target, see her review here. For $20 (on sale!), those heels are a steal.

And...I own the scarf that's featured in the set below. It's a great layering piece, especially for just $9.80.

What's your favorite cheap thrill?

Do you like this new Wednesday series?

Cheap Thrills: Cute Buys Under $25

Items in this set:


Sara said...

cute outfit! my cheap thrills...i just found an amazing Ralph Lauren ruffled silk blouse for $15!!! it was the only one in sight. i ran to the registere, paid, and peeled out of the parking lot before someone realized that i had just "stolen" a hundred dollar blouse!

The Owl's Closet said...

my cheap thrill would be colored tights haha i just love how they add a splash of color to a boring outfit. looking forward to cheap thrill wednesdays!

Coley said...

Sara-GREAT steal! I know how you you're protecting your deal on the way to the register.

Owl's - Welcome! I love me some colored tights, too!