November 20, 2009

WTF Friday Extravaganza!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Get excited, because today's edition of WTF Friday has three offenders. That's right! And here...we....go!

First up is Chloe Sevigny. Ok, I like the Prada skirt...I would like it even more if it were shorter. But...what's with the open t-shirt and bra-a-blazin'? Did I miss the memo that this is a new trend? WTF Chloe....let's keep the bra where it was originally intended to be, covered by a shirt. It kinda reminds me of know, when he rips apart his shirt to reveal the "S", except this ensemble is anything but super.

Next up is Leighton Meester.'s not Halloween, so the hooker costume and clown makeup don't really apply. Leighton, you are such a pretty girl, WTF? There is nothing wrong with a chic leather dress (remember Angelina Jolie's Michael Kors dress?), nor do I have a problem with red lips or smokey eye makeup. But Ms. Meester, life if about choices, and this was not a great opportunity to select "all of the above". Her hair sure looks pretty, though!

And last up is Sharon Stone. WTF, she sporting a combo of The Penguin (Batman 2) and a curtain that was yanked out of a psychic reading room. Leather trench, leather gloves and hat...oh, yes...purple lips and a fishtail, transparent dress would look just puuurfect. Not so much, Sharon. Please fire your stylist.

That's it! Any WTF commentary to include?

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