November 21, 2009

Honey, Put DOWN that Coupon

Normally I don't post on the weekend, but I just had to share...

Oh dear husband. We talked about this a few weeks ago. He occasionally makes the error in judgement (see "Shop Blockin"), but today he tried to throw away my J Crew coupon. He picked up the little red 20% off of ANY size order (that you can find in your J Crew catalog btw!) and started walking towards the kitchen. Here's how it went down:

Todd: What's this, babe? (as he picks up the little red treasure)

Coley: That's my J Crew's 20% off! (smiles)

Todd: Oh, but you don't need that....isn't there a minimum or something? (continues to walk away with the treasure)

Coley: UM, no, there is not a minimum, so please put DOWN my coupon (giving him the stink eye)

Todd: it. Putting coupon down. You should go blog about that.

Coley: I think I just may....thank you. (smiles sweetly)

So, kids, moral of the story...don't shop block me and don't you dare thief my coupons. Again, take a dive into your J Crew catalogues for a 20% of coupon for any size order at through November 29.



Julie said...

sadly, no coupon in my catalog! :(

Coley said...

Oh no! Sorry Julie!!! You sure it's not stuck in there somewhere? I'd call J Crack and ask them, "Sir, please send me my coupon."

gigiofca said...

Oh man...thanks for the news. I need to look in my catalog.

Coley said...

Hey Gigi!
Let me know if you have one in your catalog!

gigiofca said...

Nope -- no coupon for me. Good reminder to look for it though.