December 29, 2009

How Sweet! Beautiful Blogger Award!

Jen from The Look 4 Less nominated me for this very sweet award (thanks, Jen - GORG wedding photo btw) and I'm supposed to tell you all seven rando things about here we go!

1. In my opinion, the best way to consume a Wendy's Frosty is by dipping french fries in it. My brother likes this's so delicious.

2. My hubs and I adopted our nutjob beagle (Riley) in January of 2007. The rescue failed to mention that he hates other dogs and some people. Information that may have been useful...we love him anyway.

3. Just a few days ago, Todd (hubs) surprised me with the most incredible graduation gift - a gorrrgeous pair of Louboutins. Real life photos to come as soon as I get them back in my size.

4. I hate mushrooms. My "death pizza" is sausage and mushroom. Nast.

5. I am originally from the 'burbs of Chicago and have only lived in Charlotte for a mere 2.5 years. I'm still getting used to the southern "culture".

6. I love Big Ten Football...probably because I went to University of Wisconsin...GO BADGERS!

7. I love the movie "French Kiss". If you haven't seen it...go rent it...IMMEDIATELY. Meg Ryan is adorable and Kevin Kline is superb.

And to conclude this award I must name seven other bloggers to participate, if they so choose to:

Thanks for the award, Jen!


Kim McMartin said...

Love your blog, Nicole! Gorgeous graduation gift! And, French Kiss is so great...old hidden treasure! Take care!

Kim McMartin said...


Coley said...

Thanks, Kim! Hope all is well with you! Our Badgers pulled through last night!

J said...

Aw, thank you for the sweet comment about my wedding photo! :)

Love the graduation gift, can't wait to see a pic! My husband hates mushrooms too, I don't understand it! Haha. :)

Chasing Davies said...

Thanks for the award!

I also love milkshakes with fries!!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Congratulations on your graduation fantastic is that??? I also can't wait to see IRL pics. I love the movie French Kiss...will definitely be watching it again soon. :)

Thank you for the award, btw! Have a very Happy New Year!