December 14, 2009

JCPenney What Whaa?

No, not Jesus Cristo...but JC Penney...whaa?

JCPenney...I haven't been in that store in years...but this weekend I was putzing around online and bam...cute things at JCP! This site had some great coupon codes for JCP...

Here are a few...let me know whatcha think!

I Heart Ronson Boucle Coat, on sale for $59.99

How adorable is this coat?! It looks super duper warm too! I'm lovin' the ruffle at the collar.

I Heart Ronson Fur Vest, on sale for $62.99

I really like the length of this vest - very versatile, plus, the bow belt is adorable. Sorry for the teeny image...JCP needs to hook up ShopStyle so we can more easily blog and share their pieces!

I Heart Ronson Cheetah tank, on sale for $9.99

This would look great under a long blazer or with a high-waisted pencil skirt and jacket.

She Said V Back Dolman Sweater, on sale for $25.99

As the descrip says, it has a pretty v back...pretty for holiday wear! Plus, this sweater is an angora blend, so I'm sure it's super soft. I'm liking that double crossed belt, too.

a.n.a Gracelyn Boot, on sale for $44.99

Love the distressed color and the comfy wedge. The sale price is just right, because I doubt I would pay the retail ($120) for an all synthetic boot!

Olsenboye Kaylee Ruffle Flat, on sale for $24.99

Little gold flats....cute!

What do you think - have you perused a JCPenney recently?


The Owl's Closet said...

Wow! I haven't stepped foot in jc penney in ages, either. these are great picks! i love, love the boucle coat and the tall boots!! such amazing prices, too:) thx for sharing!
Cleaning out my closet:

Chasing Davies said...

Those little gold flats are adorable!!! And so cheap... I'll have to check them out!

Coley said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Who knew JCP would have such cute things?!

Todd said...

OMG...I love JCP! Can't wait to drive you to go shop there. Hopefully there's a Home Depot near by :)

"Dear Husband"