December 31, 2009

Thursday Unveiling...Cubicle to Cocktails!

One of my fab readers, Kristen, asked me to showcase a few "work to cocktails" ensembles. I am a big believer in multi-use pieces, so I happy obliged! I'm hoping to make this a recurring post every Thursday in anticipation of your post-work Thursday and Friday happy hours! Let me know what you think about the set and if you like this new offering!

I LOVE the color of the shoes in this set. At $100, they are a bit steep for ruffle-y pumps, but I really believe that this color would work with SO many options! This deep magenta looks great with navy, black, gray and even chocolate. So, the work ensembles will completely vary depending on your place of employment. I love a dress for cubicle to cocktails, though. It's super easy to throw on and vary with accessories. This dress is precious, and for only $35 it's a complete steal - so versatile! For the cocktails look, I wanted to incorporate a bit more color, thus adding the bright yellow croc belt, blue pin corsage and I roughed up the look a bit with some bad ass bracelets.

Looking forward to your feedback and future suggestions!

Cubicle to Cocktails

Items in this set:


S2F said...

I love these looks!!!!!! The corsage is perfect!

JustinsMami said...

Thanks Coley; and you did it on my birthday too!! You're the best -- I swore off internet relationships for the remainder of my holiday vacay so groovin 9 to 5 today I caught up; thanks for the great look!! keep on bloggin

JustinsMami said...

Oh and meant to add...keep the thursday reoccurance!

Coley said...

Thanks, all! Glad you like the new feature!