December 4, 2009

WTF Friday

WTF Friday...oh yes, it's back, full force. Let's get right to it.

Oh Lily Allen...I actually don't have a giant problem with her dress in general, but she really just should not be sporting this Christmas nightmare ensemble. It looks like red garland shat all over her dress. Yowza. Maybe in a different world with a better fit and more appropriate styling this would have made an acceptable outfit. Right now, though, it looks like the Nightmare Before Christmas...but in a dress.

And Ashley Simpson. Girlfriend you have a baby and you are still a could benefit from a samich or two. Nonetheless, Ashley's hair is subject to the WTF Friday...Morticia? WTF?! Her red hair was fun! Why did she dye it pitch black...I know she's playing Roxy on Broadway, but that is no excuse, because she was blond last time she played that part. Hey Ash-the Adams Family is no longer on prime time, please retire the dreary locks.

Any WTF Friday commentary to share?

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