December 18, 2009

WTF Friday!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! It's a big weekend for family is coming into town for my MBA graduation! Oh, and it's supposed to snow in NC. WTF?! Yeah, we'll see about that.

Anywho...enjoy WTF Friday!

First up is Ms. Audrina Patridge. Alrighty, I actually enjoy the color and the contrasting clutch, BUT, this jacket fits her so poorly. Plus, I didn't know that old granny capris are in style at all, much less in the winter. Hmmm..WTF Audrina? If you're doing to sport a colorful suit, make sure it fits well and is in actuality an entire suit.

And then there is Rihanna. Honestly, I love Rihanna. Girlfiend is gorgeous and can really work out some incredible ensembles. But WTF is this? A) the Mousecapades are featuered on her pants, BOO, B) Belly-baring, baby-doll tops weren't cute in 1995, nor are they cute now, C)Those boots are fug. Rihanna - you can successfylly sport some craazy schtuff, but this is not ok.

Any WTFs to report?


The Owl's Closet said...

congrats on ur graduation!:D awesome accomplishment! oh my...i'm with ya with these outfits. these two lovely ladies usually can pull off anything, but these ensembles are just not working for them:( i'm surprised w/audrina's ill fitting suit. doesn't seem like something she would wear. yikes!

Chasing Davies said...

I think Audrina has poor clothing taste most of the time.... but I do like her clutch!