December 21, 2009

Real Life Review: Rodarte for Target, B+

Hello all!

Well, my mom, my future sister in law and I trekked it over to Target early Sunday morning to check out the Rodarte goods...and overall I would give the collection a B+! The offerings are really different and just a bit quirky. My main complaint is that many of the tops and some of the dresses cannot be worn by ladies who have a bit more up top.

I would say check out, but a fair amount of the collection is already sold out. It's probably a better bet to check out your local store!

1) Black Bow Halter Dress: Size 5: Such a cute dress. My main issue was that the waist line hit me at an awkward spot. Attribute that to my lack of height :) Nice fabric and adorable top.

2) Leopard Sequin Dress and Lace Cardigan: Size S (both): This dress is much cuter than I thought it was going to be. I tried on a size small - it was way too large. I wasn't able to find an XS to try :( I took home the cardigan in black and nude in an XS (mainly because of the sleeve length).

3) Bow Back Leopard Dress: Size 1: This was the only size I could try on, at first. My main issue with this dress is the lack of space for the girls. I had a total uniboob, even when I tried on a size 5 (but then the waist was too big). It's a little 80s, but I bet the dress would be super cute for some...

3) Navy Tulle Skirt: Size 5: This skirt is so cute, but yet so different. I brought this home in a size 5, even though the size 3 fit better. With one size up, this skirt falls a bit longer, therefore more work appropriate.

4) Blue Swiss Dot Dress: Size 5: Cute dress, nice fit and fabric, but it didn't do it for me. I felt a bit like a 10 year old at Easter. Maybe with the right accessories? I really wish this came in black...

5) Lace print dress: Size XS: This dress didn't do much for me. It's a cute, light-weight dress that looks adorable with the lace cardigan and bow belt, but not so much on me. It laid awkwardly on top and the XS cut very high under my arms.

6) Black Tulle Dress: Size 3: I really wanted this dress to work...but it just didn't. The attached top cami part cut my bewbs straight in half. No hot. I bet it looks smashing on others, though!

So, overall I brought home: two lace cardigans (one black, one nude), the navy tulle skirt and the magenta cami (no photos of that).

Did you check out Rodarte at Target? If so, what did you bring home?!

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