December 22, 2009

I Love Me Some Beeswax, Product Review: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm, A

Ok, now I know it's just a lip balm review, but in addition to overpriced denim, I am addicted to lip balm, chapstick, you name it. And I know it's "just lip balm", but Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm is the best lip balm out there, IMO.

Why do I love this lip balm so? Well, a) It's just slippery enough, b) It's super moisturizing, c) It's all natural and d) It has peppermint oil in it- freeeeesh lips! Plus, I just love the Burt's Bees brand in general. Burt's doesn't do any aminal testing...yes that's right...aminal.

In my home you will find at least three or four tubes of this lip balm at any given time - it's that good. AND, although I typically purchase this balm at CVS or Target, it's actually cheaper (via the Lip Stash option) on the Burt's website! This pack offers three tubes and a lip balm pot for $7.00 - that is a steal, considering that each tube typically retails for $2.50-$3.50. My only teeny issue with this balm is that is does not contain SPF, but I really only use it indoors, so no worries there. This balm earns a solid A in my book.

BUT, if you're looking for a balm with SPF, Burt's carries a few, but I've heard that Res-Q is a good product. (Never tried it myself though). I was perusing the Burt's Bees website, I stumbled upon their premium grab bag and this is quite the are the deets:

For a limited time, our premium grab bag is back. Full of goodies worth over $50 MSRP. It's now specially priced at $24.99 (half off). A great gift now or to save for the Holidays!

We've mixed and matched our most popular natural products and other special gifts into our Premium Grab Bag. A bag full of these goodies sells for over $50 MSRP.

You'll get 8 full-sized products (can be lip products); 11 mini-size products; and 4 special gifts!
Give the gift of well-being to others or keep them all for yourself!

Right now, standard shipping is just $2.95 for orders less than $50.00 and free $50.00 and up!

Are you a fan of Burt's Bees? Do you love their lip balm as much as I do?


Jordyn said...

I love Burt's as well but I prefer the Honey lipbalm. It has a sweet smell and no minty tingle, if you don't like that in a balm (I don't). I love all Burt's Bees products!

Coley said...

Hey Jordyn! I like the honey lip balm too...good choice.

Burt's in general is a fab brand...