December 3, 2009

Hey Husband...Read this Christmas List Post...Coley Loves Christmas

I lurve Christmas. It's by far my favorite holiday. I love spending time with family and friends, lights, trees, cookies, dressing my dog up in silly holiday garb and giving. Seriously - I love giving Christmas presents. And while my husband is wonderful and a very generous and giving person, he doesn't always listen.

Yes he may hear me, but no, he doesn't always listen. So, I have to drop not-so subtle hints about things that I would enjoy for Christmas.

I thought I'd offer up a few items that I think are just lovely....and they are each less than $100. Maybe this will inspire your boyfriends, husbands, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and dogs to get you lovely items that you really want. Well...I did say maybe...

Here we go!

This is a super cute top that can be worn all year round!

Ok...I have NOT been subtle about my desire to own this top. I specifically passed over it so that I could actually have something on my Christmas list. Kim at Anthroholic did a great review on this top too!

Husband - I would really enjoy having this in my closet. Either color, size small. Write than down. Oh - and you'll have to go to the store because it's sold out in my size online. :)

Adorable. Want. Plus - Todd says I look good in red. Make it happen.

BB Dakota Fur Vest, $60 (Fred Flare's code psw30 gets 30% off...make a note!)

I've wanted this faux fur vest for a while, but I just haven't pulled the ole trigger. I don't think Todd (nor many other dudes) really enjoy fur in general, but we really shouldn't care, now should we. They are not wearing it, we are. :)

Dazzling Betty Jacket, $86 (again...30% off with psw30 at

I enjoy very much. This jacket is super cute and more structured. Big fan.

And there you go, my lovely blog readers.

Just a few (emphasize the word FEW) items that I'm digging for Christmas. I'm sure more will come around soon.

Anything you're stalking for Santa to bring ya?


Todd said...

Oh dear wife...I have already bought all of your Christmas presents at Home Depot. Are you saying I should return them? :)!

Kim said...

I'm LOL at your husband's comment :-)
Thanks for the blog love coley - the Rare Bloom tee is great, and I'm wearing my Wind Rippled Tee today!

Chasing Davies said...

Haha, I LOL'd too.

Coley - good choices! I have the Wind Rippled Tee in teal and LOVE it. Very soft and comfy.

I love that dazzling Betty jacket...didn't know about the 30% off - Thanks!

Coley said...

Kim & Chasing...oh yes, husband is entertaining. That's Betty jacket is versatile, too!

Anonymous said...

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