June 24, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: Black Out

Happy Thursday to all! Today's edition of CTC looks a bit somber, but let's be real, sometimes the chic black on black is too easy to pass up. Johnny Cash it, friends, Johnny Cash it.

I'm ok with black on black as long as there are texture differences and interesting accessories. I really like the bright white bag against the drapey black vest. While this look may be a bit too one-note for some of you, I think the cut and the flow of these pieces work very well together. Not a black fan? Wear a colored cami underneath the flowy black vest. Or just sport an altogether different shade!

I suppose the other reason why I choose black as my backup color of choice is because of its multi-use purposes. The pieces below are super transitional and those shorts can even be sported in the fall with some tights, if you dare. BTW - the black silk shorts below will be mine in just a few days! I.cannot.wait.

So, friends - is black your fall back color, too?