June 4, 2010

WTF Friday: A Onesie War

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend and get reeeaalllly excited, because I'll be announcing my very first giveaway on Monday! And it's really purty!

Today's WTF Friday features a tween queen and one multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) offender....both battling in out over onesies.

     Photo via INFphoto

Oh Miley. I know you're "just being Miley", and trust me, girlfriend I AM just a touch jealous that you can sport an olive green onesie. BUT comon' sweetheart, this is not appropriate for anyone but Lady Gaga and it looks like you lost your pantalones. We all get it - amen to teen angst and updating your image, but looking like a pants-less olive is not hot.

     Photo via FamePictures

And then there's Amy Winehouse. The 85 lb. wonder. Not only is it completely sad that she's out partying again after oh so many stints in rehab, she just looks totes a mess. Amy, WTF, you're giving houndstooth a bad name. Oh - and her sisters are twice as large as her kneecaps...that's scary.

Happy Friday to all!