June 17, 2010

Cubicle to Cocktails: A Corset, Of Course

Suck it all in, ladies! It's corset time!

No, no, I'm not expecting you to corset yourself like Megan Fox in "Jonah Hex" (btw - in the movie, her waist is corseted to 18" !!!). But, corsets or bustiers, are super flattering to many a woman. Just make sure you can walk, talk, eat, sit and breathe comfortably. Just take a look at the gorgeous Justine, from Fetching Fashions, sporting her gorg corset top!

Today's Cubicle to Cocktails showcases a top styled after the medieval nightmare. However, this lovely French Connection corset top features such a fun print for summer and looks fairly comfortable. Toss on a white jacket and some classic work pants and you're good to hit the office. As for cocktail time, keep the top the same and toss on my current clothing crush, the Joe's "Sammy" cuffed shorts (shown below, too) and some fun nude wedges.

So, friends, what do we think or corset tops?

Not your cup or tea or cinch me up, Coley?!