June 25, 2010

WTF Friday...Maybe WTH Friday?

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Today's edition should be softened to WTH Friday. It's more like, what the hell were these ladies thinking? Dropping the eff bomb is a little much for these three gorgeous ladies, but they still look a mess.

I think what frustrates me about these (fairly fug) ensembles is that they make these women look much larger than they actually are. And, friends, no one wants to look larger than we are. Write that down.

Let's not waste a moment...here we go! First up is the beautiful Amanda Peet...

Photo via Henry Lamb/PhotoWire/BeImages

This is a heinous combo of a total drabfest and some really ill-fitting clothing. The pantalones' cut is awkward and totally unflattering and the colors make me want to take a nap. And that's not a compliment. Amanda, you have a great figure, please stop hiding it with Gramma's throwbacks.

And then we have Ms. Jessica Simpson. Who, despite her great bod, routinely wears things that make her look more like a linebacker and less like a lady. Exhibit A...

Photo via: Luis Guerra/Ramey

Oh Jess...comon' girlfriend. I understand it's summer and we want to keep cool and all, but these shants (shorts/pants) are uber unflattering. They would be unflattering on anyone, really, when you pair them with chunky wedges that cut off your ankle. This looks sloppy and sad. Fail.

And lastly we have Khloe Kardashian. Who I think is completely adorable and hilarious in her own right...but WTH happened here...?!

Photo via Tommaso Bodi/PR Photos

Oh Khloe. Your hubby is a star basketball player, I get it. You've probably been busy celebrating their championship victory, but why would you wear the longest and largest sheer robe/fug cardi over your cute little stripey dress. You look like Morticia Adams. It's not Halloween, sweetie, put away the costume until October.

Well, folks, that's all I have for today! Do you agree - today's looks were more WTH than WTF?