June 30, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Work It Out

Le sigh...I love new workout clothes. It gives me the oomph I need to try a new class at the gym, hit the road for a long run or just look supa dupa stylin' at the gym. Let's be real - my typical gym garb consists of a racing tee and some shorts. Not supa hot.

So, today's Cheap Thrills is all about workin' it out. Here are a few of my favorite workouts on the cheap!
  • Running - The best thing about running is that there is no equipment required. Just you and your shoes.
  • Hiking - See above, but much less invasive. I'm a big fan of packing a picnic lunch and heading out with the hubs and the dog.
  • Tennis - I am not a good tennis player. Husband is a great tennis player. It's hilarious to watch.
  • Group classes at da gym - I usually meet one of my very good friends at my local gym at the absolute butt crack of dawn for a weight lifting class. If she wasn't there, I probably wouldn't get my ass up that early. Just sayin'.
  • Rollarblading - I haven't Rollarbladed in quite some time, but I used to skate it out at a local park in Chicago. Great workout and you create your own breeze. Nice!
And, of course, this wouldn't be a true Cheap Thrills without some affordable merchandise. All workout items below are less than $25 each! Happy sweating!

And if you're still looking...