August 2, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans Are Not For Me...But Blazers Are!

So, after a lovely weekend with my mom, I have decided, I just don't think boyfriend jeans are for me. I've tried GAP, Current/Elliott, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Madewell.

After my plight, my husband finally said to me, "Babe, not all jean styles were meant for everyone." He may have a point. Just maybe.

Here's a quick review of a few pairs at just a few stores...

Madewell Boyfriend Jeans
For those of you who are near a Madewell, their boyfriend jeans, like many others, run enormous. Again, I know they are supposed to be a relaxed fit, but I don't want to propose a search and rescue mission for my butt.

I tried on a 25 at Madewell and they fit the best out of lot, but not enough to make a purchase. I must say though, the new Madewell store in Charlotte is very nice.

GAP Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans
I tried on a 0 today and while they fit much better than a 2, they just didn't look great. the 2 had too much slouch, the 0 not enough. Plus, I was not digging the whiskering on the front.

Old Navy Weekend Jeans
The 2 fit ok, but nothing groundbreaking. I looked sloppy, not trendy.

So, for now, I give up my search. I did, however, score a gorgeous white blazer from Banana Republic, on sale PLUS my 30% off...I only paid $52 for that puppy. Here she is! I went with a size 0 and it looks great.

How was your weekend? Any shopping successes?


Anonymous said...

OMG! I got this blazer tooo!! I love it! I also got one from GAP. Eeeee! Loved that 30% off coupon!

Coley said...

Thanks for visiting, Anon! Isn't that blazer great?!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Congrats on the blazer Coley! I'm still waiting for my boyfriend jeans to arrive...hate the new shipping Gap has now. All of my orders come via FedEx smartpost and take an eternity to get. Anyways, I completely agree that every look is not for everyone and I'm sure there are other jeans that you will like yourself in. :)

Coley said...

Thanks, FFM! Please give a review as soon as you get the jeans! :)

vintagejeans said...

very cool bazer. What do u thing about vintage jeans? i heard they're making a comeback.