August 5, 2009

Holy Cuteness, Hollister...Am I 17 Again?

So, I remember when I was in high school and early college and Hollister and Abercrombie were *the* top spots to get your jeans and summer wear. Since then, I really haven't step foot into a Hollister for fear that I would have the urge to purchase destroyed jeans and a Hawaiian tank.

However, I checked out Hollister's website the other day, and there are some very cute items there that would actually look bode well for adults! Some of these blazers and jackets are reminiscent of J Crew.

The jacket in the upper left hand corner reminds me of a cross between J Crew's Downtown Field Jacket and the Poplin Cargo Jacket. Here's a few items that I thought were super if I could only find a way to yank off that Hollister seagull logo...

What do you think?

Holy Cuteness, Hollister


Drewablank said...

I had the same exact question floating in my mind a few months ago when I started looking through the Ruehl (supposedly older sister of Abercrombie and Hollister) website and suddenly wanted a lot of their stuff!

I was rudely awakened back to reality when I went to the local Ruehl B&M to return something and was greeted by young, thin, tall staff and an overly-musked, dark interior, only suited for overly-hormonal, young individuals. :p

Online shopping it is! LOL!

Coley said...

Ha - Drew...I know how you feel. Hey - cute is cute...I don't care where it comes from!

Anonymous said...

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