August 14, 2009

Fierce Fierce...Christian Siriano's Makeup Line for Victoria's Secret

Oh, how I remember Christian Siriano on Project Runway. Fierce. Hot mess. Tranny fierce. Fierce, fierce, fierce.

Photo via: RETNA Ltd.

Siriano just released his eponymous, exclusive AND limited-edition makeup line for Victoria's Secret. He was also pimping it out yesterday morning on The Today Show. As a makeup junkie, I have to say this line looks fairly fierce. The Silky Eye Shadow comes in some fun colors, speckled with shimmer. Although I haven't tried it, for $12 it may be a worthwhile purchase.

His other items are moderately priced and the packaging looks very expensive - think Dior. I definitely want to try the Kajal Eyeliner, also $12. It's a kohl-based liner which would be great for creating that smoldering, smoky effect.

It will be interesting to see how his line fares. While I'm sure his friendship with Heidi Klum inspired this exclusive agreement with Victoria's Secret, I think this line could have had great potential in Sephora because of his high-fashion status.

Have you seen Christian Siriano's makeup line in person? What do you think?


MeggyD said...

I love the packaging. It looks so pretty.

I love the ruffle make up bag too. :)

I wonder if this will be sold in store too?

Coley said...

The makeup bag is super cute! Not sure if it will be on sale in stores...hope so!

MeggyD said...

Did you see Mr. Christian Siriano has a line of shoes coming out this Fall at Payless?? He's everywhere!