August 28, 2009

FALLing in Love with Colored Tights

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm sure many of you, like me, are getting excited for fall so you can start sporting thick, luxurious sweaters, leather boots and my new favorite, colored tights!

I remember when I was young, I loved colored and patterned tights. I seriously recall one pair that had multi-colored jelly beans all over them. Yes, I'm sure I looked awesome.

Colored tights can really pull together a great look for fall. I've seen offered tights in all shades of Joseph's amazing technicolor dream coat. What's up Donny!

Anyway...I'm digging deep purple tights with a medium gray dress, slate gray tights with a black pencil skirt and mustard yellow tights with a rich teal dress. Of course, matching your shoes to your tights will make your legs super long, so keep that in mind when playing with color.

Just keep your entire look clean and structured, too many bright colors will ensure that you look like a hot mess a la Avril Lavigne. Unless you're going for that sort of thing...

Here's a Polyvore that showcases my love for colored tights!
Love for Colored Tights

Are you falling in love with colored tights?


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I'm really looking forward to wearing tights again this Fall. I even think I'm going to try the *Tights with Shorts* look...not sure it will work, but you never know unless you try. :) that picture of Donny recent?

Coley said...

Me too, FFM! I bet you will look adorable with tights under shorts..if anyone can pull it off, it's you!

I'm not sure of the date of that Donny's a bit frightening :)

Chasing Davies said...

I loooove Colored tights! I have teal, hot pink, purple, blue, gray... and I want more, more, more! :)