August 12, 2009

My Love to Essie's Flirty Fuchsia

Since the beach is just around the corner (can you tell I'm excited?!), I popped into Polished today for a mani/pedi. I chose a bright, almost neon, pink polish that just screams summer, even though the season is almost over (tear!).

Below shows a quick view of Essie's "Flirty Fuchsia" and I highly recommend it! Probably not the best choice for fall...but perfect for a beach vacation.

Riley wasn't really too interested in my nails...he gets all cranky and depressed when I take the luggage out of the closet. I think he knows he's not coming with!

And then I felt guilty, so I asked him if he wanted a TREAT?! I took the 90 degree head tilt as a resounding, "Yes!".


Samsmom said...

Love the fuchsia, but love Riley even more!!!

MeggyD said...

Oh he's so cute!

Coley said...

Thanks, Samsmom and Meggy! Cute isn't Riley's problem... :)